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About Medinovus

Medinovus was established in March 2004 by Dr. Heta Ray, The team is network of domain experts who range in professions from physicians to nurses, pharmacists, laboratory experts, radiology experts and senior software engineers/architects. Our team has developed close partnerships with other consulting companies that specialize in software development and billing/coding solutions.

Our clients are typically healthcare organizations, vendors that provide EMR/EHR or terminology content vendors.

Dr. Heta Ray, DMD, MS

Medical Informatics, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

National Library of Medicine Fellowship

Dental Degree, Nair Hospital Dental College

Dr. Heta Ray has worked in healthcare information technology industry for several years, and has expertise in the areas of clinical data representation, controlled medical terminologies, data-interface standards, and heterogeneous database integration.

She has developed commercial products using a variety of healthcare terminology standards and all of the major drug terminologies. She has also defined models and implemented systems for translating clinical data among heterogeneous information systems.

Dr. Ray has experience in product management and requirements analysis, as well as the product development of electronic medical record systems and decision-support systems. She has worked as consultant for various organizations including Partners Healthcare, Allscripts, Arcadia Solutions, CeceliaHealth etc.