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  • Requirements Analysis
  • Data-Architecture Design
  • Software Development
Requirements Analysis
We analyze and document end-user requirements and technical requirements for clinical information systems. Our combined knowledge of the medical domain and the software domain enable us to ascertain the requirements of clinician end-users and to effectively communicate these requirements to software developers. Our experience in clinical software development allows us to anticipate unstated requirements or areas of potential misunderstanding.

Data-Architecture Design
Clinical data may be represented in many different ways within clinical information systems, ranging from documents to discrete data elements and free text to structured concepts. The choices that organizations make determine the ease with which data are captured, accessed, analyzed, and shared by their software. We help our clients make high-level decisions as well as create detailed designs for their data architectures. The designs include conceptual data models, logical data models, terminology models, and query models.

Software Development
We develop prototypes and sub-components of clinical information systems in areas where specific healthcare informatics knowledge is required. These areas include terminology management, clinical data integration, and decision-support logic. We also develop entire applications for our clients, in collaboration with larger software-engineering partners.