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  • Cross Mapping
  • Value Set Development
  • Information Modeling
  • Content Maintenance
We speak all dialects of health information technology – those that have been in wide use for many years
like the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) for billing and reimbursement and those that may be new to your environment like LOINC, SNOMED CT™ and RxNorm – terminologies that support a wider range of analytic functions.
We have extensive track record in all aspects of terminology development, maintenance and deployment. We are skilled in SNOMED CT™, LOINC, ICD9-10, CPT4, RxNorm and other code systems.

Terminology services include:

Cross Mapping
e.g. Mapping legacy codes to standard codes, mapping from one code system to another. We are considered an industry leader in clinical terminology mappings for a broad range of clinical domains including medications (vendor to vendor or vendor to standards sources), labs, imaging, procedures, problems, allergies and therapeutic classifications.

Value Set Development
e.g. Creating and maintaining code lists.

Information Modeling
e.g. Mapping local requirements into a standards-based combination of model and terminology.

Content Maintenance
We have many years of expertise with development of efficient content management processes employing a broad spectrum of available tools (vendor or open source).